Equine Physiotherapy

Equine Physiotherapy has many applications for horses. From osteoarthritis to managing neurological problems and from resolving performance problems to treating ligament or tendon damage. Horses compensate for pain by adopting a less painful way of moving. This will often mean conditions go unnoticed for extended periods of time, leading to adaptations to muscles and soft tissue.  By addressing the affected area, it prevents it from becoming a permanent problem.

Canine Physiotherapy

From the management of joint or spinal problems to rehabilitation after fractures or any injury, Canine Physiotherapy is used to restore and maintain an animal’s mobility, function and performance. Dog physiotherapy has been proven to enhance a dog’s outcome after surgery and help them get back to being fighting fit sooner. Certain methods can also reduce the need for medication to avoid relying on pain relief on a long-term basis.



We have a variety of different machines and modalities at our disposal to use on our patients. These range from Longwave Ultrasound, Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy, Red and Blue Phototherapy, Infrared, NMES (Neuro-Muscular Electro Stimulation), TENS and Microcurrent Therapy.


Complementary Therapies

We cover other areas of expertise such as soft tissue massage, myofascial release, & cranial sacral therapy for both Equine and Canine patients. These therapies offer us an alternative method when traditional techniques are not well tolerated or effective for that specific animal. Allowing us to target issues from different angles if necessary.

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