Back Pain? Look elsewhere!

So I spent Christmas and New Year fairly sedentary after having a break from work and spending time with the family. Usually I go to yoga and exercise in the gym to keep me fighting fit and ready for the job but this hasn’t happened either.

Because of this I have been struggling with lower back pain and I’ve found it hard to get going again which really struck home with me about the importance of exercise and maintaining core strength to cope with the physical demands of my day to day life.

This relates MASSIVELY to our horses, if the core is not strong it will always have a knock on effect somewhere else. Predominantly the back will be weakened which will interrupt the kinetic chain and compensatory patterns will start to occur which then effect other areas of the body.

So if you and your horse have had a little break over the festive period make sure you focus on building core strength for the both of you before you jump into any fitness regimes.

Equipment like an Equiband can be a great proprioceptive tool to enhance results for core strength building. I have a standard size Equiband available for hire to existing clients. Get in touch if you would like more info.

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