Four Legs Therapy was founded by Ella Attrill in 2015 who is based in Andover, Hampshire.

“Having had a lifelong passion for animals, particularly Horses and Dogs, and always having a keen interest in biology and biomechanics, it was a natural progression to make this passion a career and study Veterinary Physiotherapy, I was lucky enough to be mentored by the world renowned Sherry Scott MBE and her team of experts in their fields.

During my training I also enrolled onto an Equine Sports Massage course to broaden my knowledge for more in depth techniques into soft tissue massage.  Since graduating with merit, my passion for learning has not stopped and I have since successfully completing training in Canine Massage, Myofascial Release and Cranio-sacral therapies. I have also completed CPD’s (Continued Professional Development) in LASER, Thermal Imaging, Rehabilitation, Saddle Fitting and much more.

I find that a combination of all of these techniques enable me to tackle issues with my clients from lots of different angles dependant on what the animal needs.  I work alongside veterinary practices to treat a wide range of injury and rehabilitation cases, as well as provide maintenance checks and treatments to keep your horses and dogs feeling the best they can be.”

Recently Ella has been teaching owners workshops for canine massage, as well as being involved in putting together case studies to contribute evidence on how specific therapies can help different symptoms in animals as a wider piece of medical research papers, as well as turning her hand to writing magazine.



Machines to help with recovery are also available to hire to use in between treatments. Maximising the benefit of their use whilst keeping costs low for you.


Rehabilitation Plans

Following injury or surgery, rehabilitation plans will be given to follow to ensure your animal continues to safely progress and recover at the rate they should be.

Post Treatment Exercises

Following treatment, you will be given recommendations of exercises to do to increase the longevity of the effects after treatment.

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